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My Beautiful Body Project

OLD Fitness Yoga

4221676Freestyle Fitness Yoga is a fitness programme that incorporates deep stretch and yoga postures. Every element of Freestyle Fitness Yoga is validated from a fitness perspective. Anyone taking part in a Freestyle Fitness Yoga class can expect to increase their flexibility greatly in 8 weeks. You will learn how to identify the body’s stabilising muscles and use them effectively and efficiently to improve their posture and move with more confidence.

Freestyle Fitness Yoga Class
Millennium Jubilee Hall, Kesgrave
Mondays at 7.30pm
Thursdays at 9.15am
£5 per class*
Please bring a mat and a drink

*block payment options available

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Jayne Nicholls created Freestyle Fitness Yoga in 2000 by carefully stripping the physical practice of the more esoteric elements that might put you off even trying your first class. Now 13 years old FFY is taught Nationwide by instructors who integrate traditional Yoga postures into the language of fitness with all the fun of group exercise.

How does FFY differ from traditional yoga? It mimics yoga in its breathing and style, offering postures that endorse strength and stability, but it is not a spiritual experience. There is no dogma, chanting or philosophy attached to this workout. Postures are prescribed from the body’s natural anatomical perspective using the language of fitness. Yoga names and references are not used. Extreme postures that exceed optimal ranges of motion are generally avoided.

Will you work out in FFY? Yes. The postures are tweaked and manipulated to hit the body’s major muscle groups effectively, creating a life-long workout by holding longer and going deeper. FFY never fails to hit the spot!

Will you relax in FFY? The peaceful environment of this class allows everyone to work in their own zone which is inevitably relaxing. FFY roots you to your spot allowing you to practice at your own pace to suit your energy levels.

Am I a yoga teacher? No. I am a Freestyle Fitness Yoga teacher and a fitness instructor. It takes at least 200 hours of training to become a yoga teacher and many good teachers have spent years studying and practicing the art of yoga. FFY takes inspiration from yoga but is taught from a fitness perspective, always remaining respectful to traditional yoga.


Here’s some of the things my lovely class members had to say…

“A friendly, informal class.  Don’t expect the exercises to be easy, but week by week you will notice improvements in your flexibility and upper body strength.”

“I previously tried yoga and really didn’t like it. However, Fitness Yoga is something else entirely. Since starting, I have found that I am stronger, more flexible and more aware of my posture. I also have developed strength in my ‘core’; something I didn’t even know I had! Thanks to Angela I am now a Fitness Yoga convert!”

“After just a few classes I am already seeing the benefits and am gaining strength and increasing in flexibility each week! 24-48 hours later you know you’ve ‘worked out’ as your arms, shoulders, legs and abs will tell you! I find it really enjoyable and would thoroughly recommend to anyone to give this a go!”

“I love fitness yoga, it’s already increased my flexibility a lot after only a few classes. Its definitely a ‘proper’ workout, you know you’ve done exercise when the class finishes, 1 class and I was hooked!!”

“Fitness Yoga includes all the things I like about Yoga, stretching and toning the body without the funny meditation and hum noises! I have seen a quick improvement in the strength in my arms, my flexibility and feel as if I stand taller. Angela has a light hearted and humorous approach to this class which disguises how hard she makes us work.”