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 Metafit™ is the original 30 minute, non choreographed, bodyweight only HIIT workout.

Its tough, that’s why it gets results! Created by a former Royal Marine Commando, Metafit(™) combines the latest HIIT training techniques with traditional ‘Old school’ bodyweight exercises to set the metabolism on fire!

MetaFit Timetable

Monday, start at 9.30am – Outside the Farmhouse, Kesgrave, IP5 2GA

Monday, start at 6.30pm – Millennium Jubilee Hall, Kesgrave, IP5 2EN

Monday, start at 7.00pm – Millennium Jubilee Hall, Kesgrave, IP5 2EN

Thursday, start at 6.30pm – Millennium Jubilee Hall, Kesgrave, IP5 2EN

Friday, start at 9.30am – Outside the Farmhouse, Kesgrave, IP5 2GA

Saturday, start at 7.30am – Millennium Sports Field, Kesgrave, IP5 2EN

 Frequently Asked Questions…