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London Marathon 2015 – Dear Santa…

Filed in Marathon by on November 25, 2014 • views: 627
Tuesday 25th November 2015 – 4 miles

I was indifferent about my run today. I was neither excited about it or dreading it. This…is a good thing.

It was probably my coldest run to date but not getting wet was a bonus. The good thing about running a 4 miler after running an 8 miler at the previous outing, is that it’s only half the distance. I know that is a somewhat “blonde” thing to say but what I mean is, it seemed to be over really quickly. My pace had picked up from last week and I was averaging 10 minute miles; miles 1 and 2 just over, miles 3 and 4 just under.

I stopped briefly at the Millennium Sports field to say hello to a black labrador puppy. If you know me you will know that I’m a sucker for a black lab puppy. And apparently this was the same for me seven years ago when I was last training for a marathon! The spooky thing is that this was in exactly the same place…

Sunday 25th March 2007
17 Miles/3 hours 27 minutes

208606_4260526652_8679_n… I didn’t plan a route, just went wherever I liked. I took the scenic route cross country along some unknown footpaths to Kesgrave to see how my new house, which is currently being built, is getting on. That was the halfway point. I was ok for another 4 miles but then the last 4 miles were really tough and I had to walk a lot of it. I was quite slow overall although I did stop and say hello to a little 4 month old black labrador puppy at the park (my black lab pup is due to be born on 9th April) and had a good look at the new house….

Sadly, the aforementioned black lab pup, Poppy, is no longer with us.

So all in all, a good day 1 week 4. Even though I was wearing my new socks, I have been getting blisters again. I’m thinking that they were only great the first time I wore them, which means I’m going to need a new pair of socks at least once a week until I run the marathon. That is a lot of socks!! Or maybe I just need new running shoes? Time to write my letter to Santa…

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