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Being Average, And Why That’s Ok

Filed in Fitness, Food, Hope Fitness by on October 3, 2017 0 Comments • views: 79

What I want to tell you about myself today is that I am 100% brilliant at being average. I excel at being average. I base my whole existence around being average. I am so very proud to be average, I very often blog about it, it is one of my favourite topics!

And why am I telling you this?

My average-ness is a longstanding joke at Hope Fitness. I’m relatively fit and strong, but not the fittest or the strongest. I’m not particularly overweight but I do still carry a little bit of baby weight. I mainly eat healthy but I also like cake, chocolate and pizza. I do take part in sporting events but expect me to finish not to come anywhere near the front. And I like the odd glass of wine…I’m a mum…of course I like wine!

My longterm health and fitness goals are simply to move as much as possible and enjoy balance in my life.

So as you can see, I am very average.

It took me a while to make peace with these goals but now I base my whole business around this ethos. We workout, we have fun, we get sweaty, we laugh a lot, we socialise, we eat cake….and repeat.

We all spend a considerable amount of time, energy and often money trying to be above average when it comes to our bodies, usually by trying to be something we are not and never will be. With all the will in the world, I can’t make my legs any longer or my hips any narrower. I can only strive to be a better version of what I am already. And when I say better, I mean in terms of looking after myself and my body by eating healthier and moving more.

Exercise for your heart. Eat to fuel your body.

Don’t be consumed by your need to strive for perfection. Allow yourself to make bad choices once in a while. Do what you need to survive the day. If the day requires cake, have cake…it’s ok.

Strive to be average, it’s a cool place to be.

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