Review: The Healthy Portion Plate

hpp-largenew-healthy-portion-plate1-2 We could all be our ideal body weight. We could all do the recommended amount of exercise per week. We could all eat the perfect balance of protein, carbs and fats. But... We don't, because making big changes like this takes dedication and motivation and we always find an excuse. The key to really changing and becoming healthier is in small steps, one day at a time. Making good habits that will last a lifetime.

What a shame that I didn't coin the phrase "Every Little Helps" before Tesco because it fits so perfectly into a healthier lifestyle.

Small changes like; drinking more water, establishing a good sleep routine, cutting sugar from your tea and breaking that habit of having a chocolate digestive with it, taking the stairs and eating more vegetables. All small but simple steps we can take to improve our lifestyles. And this is where the Healthy Portion Plate comes in. Being in control of your portion sizes is one of those small steps that is easy to take, you just need to change your mindset, and take control.

The people at say "A key way to weight loss is portion control. Even a ‘healthy diet’ will cause weight gain if eaten in the wrong portions. A simple ‘trick’ of how to achieve portion control is to fill half of your lunch and dinner plates with vegetables or salad, a quarter with lean protein and a quarter with wholegrain carbohydrate."


For me, I know that I have a good appetite. In my family we were brought up to eat well, eat everything on our plates and I actually believe that a hearty appetite is healthy, as long as you are eating the right foods. So last week, I decided to put the plate to the test with my Sunday roast. I served up the amount I would normally eat and then transferred it to the plate. To be honest I wasn't surprised to find that I couldn't fit it all on the Healthy Portion Plate!

So what was left over I hear you say?

Well...two extra roast potatoes, some parsnips (they were too roasted to look good in the photo!!), and may be a Yorkshire pudding or two (but shh, don't tell anyone). Sadly there isn't really a place for Yorkshire puddings on a healthy portion plate. As predicted I had the protein and veggies about right but too many carbs. I have also discovered that my dinner plates are huge!


The plate is a 10" melamine plate and comes in two simple designs. The first design is plain and simple approach, a white plate with black wording and outlines. The new second design is more colourful using red, yellow and green tag clouds to mark out the portions, making it rather fun and appealing to my geeky side. It is also a very clever plate. The actual diameter of the plate is 10" but the area for food is only 7", because the outer edge of the plate is quite wide, tricking your brain into thinking you are eating off a much bigger plate than it really is. I was shocked to find that the whole plate fits within my usual dinner plates!

The downside for me is that it is made of melamine. I have a four year old and a two year old who between them have the biggest selection of melamine plates ever created so I felt that I had regressed back to my childhood. The kids, on the other hand, thought it was great that Mum was eating off the same type of plate as them instead of a normal dinner plate. On a plus side it is dishwasher friendly, which would be great if I actually had a dishwasher.

My Verdict...

Although I wouldn't want to eat off this plate all the time, the plate really helps you to become more mindful of what you are eating so is one small and very simple step you can take towards a healthier lifestyle. I will definitely think twice before adding seven (yes really!) roast potatoes to my plate. As Tesco says 'Every Little Helps".

The Healthy Portion Plate is available from, priced at £8.99 for the black and white design or £9.99 for the tag cloud design (plus delivery). With every Healthy Portion Plate ordered, you’ll also receive a healthy eating pamphlet.

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