London Marathon 2015 - Pain and Jelly Beans

Sunday 22nd March 2015 - 16 Miles

Do I really have to do this again...three times???

I wasn't particularly hopeful, the leg has got progressively worse since the visit to the Physio last week but the first 6 miles were ok. I decided to use the placebo effect of jelly beans to get me through the miles. Every mile = 2 jelly beans. You should have seen my face after 1 mile...I was so happy! I was so over it by 4 miles! Too many jelly beans. Also managed to get lost on Martlesham Heath somehow and completely lose my sense of direction. Completed it in just over the hour. No huge dramas.

(I sat and watched 'Hop' with the kids this afternoon - I'm so over jelly beans!!!)14

The next 5 miles were a little less good. I did a repeat of last weeks final loop, thought I'd give it a better chance. I still keep insisting on running across the golf course, which is really unsheltered and blows your head off, energy zapping!!

My thoughts were all over the place today. I'd love to have a recording of my thoughts over the 3 hours. It is where I have my best ideas and my darkest moments. I write excellent blog posts in my head, just wish I could remember them. I plan my week ahead. I spend a lot time thinking what I am going to eat for dinner and I spend a lot of time reflecting on life and the universe. All this and I still have time to dwell on how much the legs are hurting!

The final 5 miles were hell. Legs were tired, shins were aching and I could have given up at any point. I grimaced my way through it but it was very stop-start. Saw an old flame at about mile 15. Can't have seen him for at least 15 years and when I do I'm a sweaty mess...typical!!

So, eventually, after 16 arduous miles, I limped back to my car. I spent most of those 16 miles dreading my next "long run" so I'm not doing great with my positive thinking!! I was so tired I fell asleep in the bath. I'm sat here writing this with a frozen tea towel on my legs. Fortunately I have another physio appointment tomorrow so I get to have a massage....if I can walk!

I am running the London Marathon for the The Sunrise Appeal, part of the Ipswich Hospital Charity. You can sponsor me here