London Marathon 2015 - Fighting My Inner Demons


It's been a while since my last post, 17 days to be exact! I apologise for that but I was in a bad place and didn't have the heart to share that with you. The support everyone has given me has been amazing but I don't deserve sympathy. I got myself into it and I have to get myself through it.

It was that 13 miles that did it. It got into my head and under my skin and I couldn't seem to snap out of it. Coupled with the fact that the shin problem was persisting.

Friday 6th March 2015 - 6 miles

I was aiming for 7 but I got to 5 and pretty much gave up, limped through the last mile. Heart just wasn't in it and I couldn't help wondering why it had become such hard work. It didn't help when someone kindly told me that I ought to be doing a lot more miles than I was doing...this made me very sad.

Sunday 8th March 2015 - 4 miles

I had to wait until the afternoon to go out for this one. Despite bright sunny weather in the morning, it became really gloomy in the afternoon, which didn't help to lift my spirits. Having said all that, although I wasn't jumping for joy about getting out there, I wasn't really dreading it either. But...I got 2 miles in and lost the will to live. Made the very, very long 2 mile walk home.

You know your head's in a bad place when you stand at the top of the stairs thinking "if I throw myself down these (again) perhaps I'll hurt myself badly enough to have to drop out" and "if I keep running with this injured shin, my leg will snap off and I'll never be able to run again", and think it's a great plan!

At this point I was all ready to give up, defer (give up) my place, return my sponsors donations and forget the whole sorry episode. The DH told me not to be so silly (in a less polite way) and that I just need to snap out of it. Probably exactly what I needed to hear if I'm honest!!

I am a firm believer that anyone who is fit and able can physically run a marathon. You follow a plan, you build up the miles, you eat the right food, you drink plenty of water. However, if you can't get your head round the distance then you have a battle on your hands.

I spent the next few days trying to get my head past the mental obstacles. I didn't fuel very well for my 13 miles, on purpose really because I wanted to see how the body reacted....not very well apparently!! I stocked up on lucozade sport, jelly beans, coconut water and epsom salts. I stretch and rolled everyday and I spent a good few minutes googling "how to get your head round a marathon".

Tuesday 10th March 2015 - 5 miles

Fortunately this week was a tapering week, in preparation for really picking the volume up next week. I survived a 5 mile tempo run today. Continued with lots of stretching and rolling and hot baths so ease the tight muscles in my lower leg.

Thursday 12th March 2015 - 3 miles

A much shorter tempo run today but it didn't matter, just needed to get back into routine. More stretching, rolling and a hot bath and the leg was beginning to feel a little better.

A rest day now before the next big one...15 miles on Saturday...and fortunately the head was coming round to the idea, although at this stage I wouldn't like to predict which way it's going to go...

I am running the London Marathon for the The Sunrise Appeal, part of the Ipswich Hospital Charity. You can sponsor me here