London Marathon 2015 - Embrace the breathlessness...

IMG_4388Tuesday 17th February 2015 - 3.6 miles/intervals

The title to this post refers to today's interval session, not to the infamous 50 Shades. That, I wanted to clarify before I move on!!

"Embrace the breathlessness" the training plan tells me, are you kidding me?? More like "embrace the nausea"!! Today was an interval session, and man was it tough. It consisted of a 10 minute warm up and a 10 minute cool down, with the small matter of 1 minute fast/2 minutes recovery repeated 8 times in the middle.

I was excited(-ish) to test out the workout feature of the Garmin. I'd set the workout up and set pace ranges so that there was a distinct difference between the fast and recovery intervals. The Garmin would tell me if I was running too fast or too slow.

The first 3 intervals were fine and then it got tough. I was finding that I was having to walk in the recovery intervals. Nearly took the Garmin off at one point and stamped on it, it was beeping so much. Yes I know I was going too slowly but the Garmin had no sympathy!! I also cut the cool down short, mainly because I'd reached home and because I was all done, nothing left. Couldn't stop sweating when I got back so I know it was a good workout.

As I sit here writing this, I feel shattered and my legs are aching. A good session but I could have done better. Got a tempo session to look forward to later this week....embrace the breathlessness.