London Marathon 2015 - 17 miles...done

11072937_1615510528681029_7571277458397916119_n-2Sunday 22nd March 2015 - 17 Miles

The good news is...I have one more long run to do before the big day.

The bad news is...I have one more long run to do before the big day.

After last week's 16 miles I saw the physio on Monday. I had massage, I had acupuncture and I had ultrasound, all to try and fix this leg problem I have. Sharon told me that if I wasn't running the marathon she would tell me to rest until the problem had completely gone but since I am running the marathon then the problem needs to be managed until it is over. She also asked me if I took the week off instead of running, then would this make a difference to the 17 miles.

I honestly didn't think it would make any difference and I also didn't need asking twice to was bliss. Sadly, the leg felt no better as the week went on.

Today was hell. 17  miles of hell. I limped and grimaced all the way round.

I started off with parkrun, and it was very nearly perfectly timed so I could run straight through the start. Strange weather today, looked very overcast and promised rain, but it was disconcertingly warm. My parkrun time was 32.19. My next goal will be to get that time a bit closer to 30 minutes. I added a couple of miles on at the end to complete my first 6 miles.

Then I was done.

For my next 6 miles I ran to my sister Sarah's house. The wind had picked up and the traffic had picked up and I didn't enjoy these 6 miles one little bit. I was in a pretty dark place when I arrived at Sarah's and I wasn't sure how I was going to run another 5.

IMG_4610Sarah did the last 5 with me on her bike. And the hills!! Sarah lives in the Henley Road area, and man the hills!! Apart from down Valley Road, it was all uphill. By 16 miles I couldn't face Fircroft road and took a diversion. Anyway...arrived back at Sarah's house 3 hours and 27 minutes later.

Bottom was a slog. I had to walk an awful lot in the last quarter of the distance and I'm begin to accept the fact that it's not going to be quite as easy to get a marathon PB as I first thought.

One long run to do...20 miles on Easter Saturday. I will be turning this into an "Angela relay" and will be on the look out for willing participants to help me through the miles.

Tonight...I will mainly be enjoying this...

I am running the London Marathon for the The Sunrise Appeal, part of the Ipswich Hospital Charity. You can sponsor me here