Annual Review 2015: Successes, Failures and Lessons


The tail end of December is a great time to reflect on what you have accomplished over the year. This year I had a lot of successes and failures (I like to call them lessons). I’d like to share them with you.


  • I completed my second London Marathon, despite falling down the stairs, being plagued by injury, piling on the weight...and all with a PB too!
  • I competed in another six events post-marathon even though I was adamant I was retiring from running after London, taking my total medal haul for the year to eight.
  • I thought that I had got to that point in my life where I didn't really need anyone else to be part of it but then a special person comes along and it turns out they are exactly what was missing.
  • In the second half of the year I find myself with extra time on my hands and decided to dedicate a little more time to my music. It was time to relearn the piano after at least 10 years in the wilderness and the opportunity arose to join two new bands playing saxophone, making four bands in total.
  • tumblr_nb7ns6ey2q1tkts6co1_500I am not a marathon runner.  I had the resolve to complete the challenge but I truly don't have the body or the head to run another. I have run two, so I don't have anything else to prove to myself.  As for me and running, 10km is now my distance of choice.
  • Somehow, despite my flaws; constant moaning and negative attitude towards the marathon training and being a less than perfect example of a fitness instructor, it amazes me (and for this I am forever grateful) that people are inspired by me.  To me this is very special. And for them I will strive to be a better example next year.
  • There is no sustaining with personal growth. Either you are making a conscious effort to grow or you are slowly stagnating. I need to learn more and experience more.


  • We started the New Year with a bang. Outdoor classes were busy, fitness yoga bursting at the seams. New customers were appearing and the new TeamUp customer administration system was a huge success. I was very driven and focused during the first part of the year, with lots of hopes and big ideas.
  • We welcomed two new Hope Juniors to the clan; Rose and Betsy. Rose's mummy, Nicola was a Hope client before falling pregnant, came to classes until she was 37 weeks and had Rose just three days after her last class - now that was a surprise! Nicola was back just 6 weeks later. Betsy's mummy, Gwyneth, came on board at about 20 weeks and completed her last class at 38 weeks. At about 30 weeks, Gwyneth out-sprinted practically everyone else in the class...amazing!! Looking forward to the arrival of baby Smith and maybe more Hope Juniors in 2016.
  • As we approached Summer I realised something very special had happened to Hope Fitness, right under my nose. This was no longer just exercise classes, it had become a community of like-minded ladies working together towards a healthier lifestyle. We called it group therapy, #activewear is a now a major part of our vocabulary and we laugh...a lot!12376225_10153024163006653_4213096145977982172_n
  • I felt that I was in a place where I needed to expand the business by adding more classes to the timetable. I was already teaching for 6 hours every week and was acutely aware that teaching any more classes would risk me losing my motivation and enthusiasm. Therefore I took the huge leap of searching for a new trainer to add to my team. Out of six applicants, two of those came along and took a Hope Fitness class. I then offered my client base the opportunity to feedback. I was genuinely shocked by the comments that I received in reply. It turns out people come to my classes because of me!
  • I am excellent at making to-do lists but not so good at actioning those to-do lists...master procrastinator. I need to continually reassess my goals, getting my ideas out there even if they are not perfect. What's the worst that can happen?
  • The team hope spirit is awesome and I have made some amazing friends this year. However, I have also learnt the hard way that there is a fine line between friendship and business, where boundaries need to be more clearly defined.
  • Hope Fitness is my life but it never occurred to me that me as a person is the very heart and soul of the business. This gave some much needed clarity and I realised that if clients move on and no longer require my services then this does not mean I am doing something wrong it just means our paths have taken a different direction and there will always be someone new to help.


  • I am not ready to share my business with anyone else. I rather like the fact that it is all mine to do whatever I want with! The right person will find me when the time is right.
  • Discovering the revelation that my business was all about me I ended up sitting back and resting on my laurels for the latter part of the year. The drive and enthusiasm had faded and I fell into my comfort zone. I realise now that the business needs to grow and evolve not just because it makes good business sense but for everyone, to keep the community fresh and focused.


Quite simply....more.

Let's do this!