The 10 Day No-Sugar Challenge

Try giving up sugar for 10 days and see how much difference it may be surprised by the results! [private Silver|Gold|Free Trial|MBBP Month]It is important to supply yourself with balanced energy throughout the day so make sure you eat regular small meals, every two to three hours, a combination of lean protein (meat, fish, eggs, nuts, beans) and complex carbohydrates (vegetables, brown rice, potatoes). Cutting sugar out of your diet will initially have an adverse effect on your body and you may experience some lethargy and headaches as your body and tastebuds re-adjust. Just make sure you stay well-hydrated and get plenty of fresh air. Follow this challenge for 10 days from Hip and Healthy:

The Guidelines

  • Cut out any food that has added sugar from your diet – read the label on everything you eat, things that you wouldn’t think contain sugar often do, such as pasta sauces, sweetcorn, tinned beans, yoghurts, breads and even juices.
  • Eat protein with complex carbohydrates – this will ensure that the glucose created from the food is consistent and avoids ‘flooding’ the cell with more glucose than it can absorb leading to excessive insulin production.
  • Eat every two and half to three hours - even if it’s only something small and even if you aren’t especially hungry.
  • Eat breakfast – never skip breakfast, you can have any protein with any complex carbohydrate you want. (Ideal breakfasts include – Eggs with rye bread / berry smoothie with protein sources such as cashews or yoghurt / porridge oats with chopped nuts and dollop of coconut yoghurt / avocado, smoked salmon and oat cakes / sugar free muesli with berries and sunflower seeds)
  • Avoid refined (white) carbohydrate foods – where you can, replace white/refined carbohydrates with complex carbs. For example, wholegrain brown rice for basmati rice; quinoa for cous cous; sweet potato for white potatoes; following this plan should help reduce sugar cravings, but avoiding sugar will itself help balance glucose levels and also reduce the craving for sugar. This will help create consistent energy levels.
  • Fruit to avoid – for now avoid banana, mango, grapes and dried fruit and opt for less sugary fruits such as berries, apples, pears and citrus.
  • Avoid alcohol – most alcohol is incredibly high in sugar. In fact, it effects blood sugar levels so much that you’ll still be craving sweet things for the entire next day. Plus this is a health challenge people so lay off the booze!
  • Replace sugary biscuit-type snacks with convenience health foods - such as miso soup (sachets available from supermarket), nuts/seed blends, protein rich smoothies, and /or hummus/crudités. Eat two snacks per day and aim not to leave more than 2-3 hours without having eaten.