10 Day No Sugar Challenge - Energise Your Body

exerciseThe best way to boost your sugar cleanse is get out in the fresh air and get moving. When it comes to exercise, hard doesn't always work. Sometimes, the best results come from taking it easy. Less is more.

  1. Exercise in the morning to get the greatest fat-burning benefits. When it's done it's done, no risk of being too tired to do it later.
  2. Commit to 20 minutes so you don't feel overwhelmed by the challenge ahead. Once you've started you may surprise yourself and feel you want to go on longer.
  3. Exercise every day. If you say you are going to exercise three days a week you'll end up procrastinating whether today is one of those days instead of just doing it.
  4. Exercise outdoors. Our bodies respond better to fresh air and nature. Also, vitamin D from the sun assists our metabolism.
  5. Exercise close to home. Don't waste time driving to a park or gym when you can head straight out the front door. It's just another complication.
  6. Keep kit to a minimum. Forgot drink bottles and fancy phone holders. Getting kit ready can slow your momentum down and might even leave you with an excuse not to exercise!
  7. That said, buy a pedometer. Or download a walking app on your smartphone. Counting your steps - and aiming for 10,000 a day - will get you to be competitive with yourself!
  8. Walk everywhere. Find ways to add more walking into your daily life - such as going to the supermarket, meeting friends or getting to work. Walking is the simplest form of exercise.
  9. Do stair climbs. A great way to upgrade a walk, in the park, in a block of flats or at the office. Do 20 minutes of laps mixing up taking two steps at a time and jogging or power walking. Alternatively do laps up and down a steep hill.
  10. Forget weight loss. Focus on the other reasons for doing exercise; the promise of a clear head, fresh skin, more agility and a vitamin D does, as your motivation.