Healthy Snacking

I get asked, ALOT, about healthy snacks and I do believe that snacks can play an important part in a healthy style, keeping blood sugar levels up between main meals and curb over-eating at your main meals. However, get it wrong and you can quickly consume excess calories throughout the day. Here are some tips to healthy snacking:

Avoid sugary items at all costs. This includes sweet drinks, biscuits, cakes, sweets.

Snacks should never contain enough calories that constitutes a meal. 200 calories  or less is about right.

Have no more than two snacks per day; one mid morning, one mid afternoon. Snacking quickly becomes a habit rather than a necessity. If you are regularly grabbing snacks many times a day, perhaps you need to review when and what you are eating at mealtimes. Your aim should be to eat enough at mealtimes to keep you going until the next meal, rather than snacking.

Snacks should be a good balance of lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fat - too make you feel fuller for longer. Aim to add to your overall nutrition intake that you may be missing from other meals.

The simplest method to cut unhealthy snacking is to avoid having these types of snacks in the house. This is not always easy when you have a family but the best option for everyone is to encourage your family to have healthier snacks too.

If you're feeling peckish then have a glass of water first. Wait 10 minutes and if you still feel hungry then maybe you are. Sometimes the feelings of thirst can be mistaken for hunger pangs.

Be mindful of what you are eating rather than mindlessly grazing. Fill a small bowl or plate with your snack and walk away. Once it is eaten, snack time is over. Never take the whole packet with the intention of stopping when you've had enough - before you know it you've eaten the whole lot.

Don't snack in front of the TV or at your desk. Avoid all distraction so that you can focus on eating and enjoying your food.

Plan your snacks as you would your main meals and if necessary prepare your snacks in small containers so you can grab them on the run.

Need some healthy snack ideas?....

Healthy Snack Ideas

  • Chopped crudités (pepper, carrot, celery, cucumber) with guacamole, hummus or tzatziki
  • Oatcakes/Rice cakes with nut butter or slice of avocado & smoked salmon
  • Handful of mixed nuts or seeds and some dried fruit
  • Fruit with natural bio yoghurt
  • Dates and walnuts
  • Fruit juice ice lolly
  • Hard boiled egg
  • Plain self-popped popcorn
  • Small natural liquorice bar
  • Two squares of dark chocolate
  • Homemade vegetable crisps