If you follow me, then you are probably very like me. If you follow me, then you are probably a mum. If you follow me then you are probably a girl who likes her food. If you follow me then you probably enjoy the odd glass of wine. Basically you are likely to be just a girl doing her best to remain fit, healthy and sane, as a full-time mum in a part time job...or something along those lines anyway. If this does sound like you then you have probably come across (and can relate to) the so-called "slummy mummies" on Facebook and other social media channels; The Unmumsy Mum, Hurrah For Gin , Naked, Filthy and Feral and Headaches and Hangovers, to name the main protagonists.


This week, these ladies have been slated in the Daily Mail for their "gin-soaked shortcomings", and in retaliation have stuck the metaphorical two fishfingers up at the Mail and embarked on the aptly named #solidaritea campaign.

I have followed and often relate to these mums - I recently read (and annoyed my sleeping husband) because I LOL'd at the Hurrah For Gin book. All of their posts and memes regularly fill my newsfeed.

Social media has given us a false impression of what life is really like. A way of presenting your life to others through rose-tinted spectacles. You choose how you want people to see your life using filters to hide the full story. In return, this has made us doubt our own abilities, continuously comparing ourselves to others in whatever role we pursue, and our abilities in life in general!

I consider myself to be a reasonably well-balanced individual, getting along with life, ticking along with the perfect amount of of "savv" and "slum".

Sometimes I roll my eyes at the mums that show the rest of us up with their kids perfect garden-on-a-plate homework or a show-and-tell-all-singing-all-dancing powerpoint presentation. On other occasions I am THAT mum. It's swings and roundabouts.

On reading the Daily Mail article and seeing the backlash of #solidaritea, it occurred to me that I am actually the fitness equivalent of the slummy mummies. Hurrah for Cake, The Unfitness Fitness Instructor, Naked, Feral and a Little Bit Chubby as it were.

So if you follow me then you will know that I am not the perfect image of a personal trainer. I do have a big bum, thunder thighs and a bit of a muffin top. I eat clean-ish, probably about 60-70% of the time but I'll be honest with you, I do like my food and I do eat fishfingers. I like the odd glass of wine and I can eat a large bar of Dairy Milk in one sitting. I too always have good intentions on a Monday.

I am real. I could do better...a lot better.

I could eat cleaner and I could do more exercise.

But instead of dwelling on what I am not, I try and focus on what I am.

I prepare most of the family meals from scratch, I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, I drink my 2 litres of water a day, I always aim for 7.5 hours sleep a night, I walk my dogs daily, I walk or bike whenever I can, I drink one cup of coffee and one cup of tea a day, I only drink alcohol at weekends and I aim to spend my freetime doing wholesome activities such as music, reading and gardening.

As a fitness instructor I have knowledge, good humour and compassion and I will support your fitness journey and encourage you to reach your goals.

Basically I'm just here, doing my best.

So in #solidaritea with those slummy mummies out there, here is me telling you that it is just fine to be "perfectly imperfect".