REVIEW: Wolf + Scott Pancakes Mix


More pancakes you say?

It's turned into somewhat of a mini obsession in our house but when new start-up company Wolf + Scott asked me if I would like to try their ready-made healthy pancake mixture I jumped at the chance!

In a nutshell, the founders of W+S love clean eating and staying fit, and also they love pancakes - something I can absolutely relate to. They have a lovely Cherokee story on their website about "feeding the good wolf" and decided to create a pancake recipe that was not only healthy but also delicious.

There are two types of pancake mix to choose from; Howlin' Good Organic Super Seed or Dark Wolf Organic Raw Cacao. They are essentially the same ingredients except that Dark Wolf contains raw cacao powder, cinnamon and nutmeg for that extra bit of flavour.

All of the ingredients are whole foods, there are no artificial ingredients or refined sugar. Now, you may be wondering why you would need the pancake mix and not just buy all the ingredients that are included? I asked myself the same question however, if you were going to pop along to your local health food store, or even your local supermarket then you would have to take out a small mortgage to pay for everything. With W+S the ingredients are all there ready for you to whip up a batch of 10 pancakes (at least) for a £4.99 (for 250g of Howlin' Good).


I decided to try the Howlin' Good batch first. All the instructions are clearly included on the packet and all you need is Almond Milk and Coconut oil (or preferred). I decided to make the whole batch in one go because I wanted to test the reheat/freeze option but the quantities are there for you if you only want to use half at a time.

Basically you throw the pancake mix into a bowl, add the milk and mix. Being in my pancake zone I whisked even though the instructions on the packet do say "stir mix without over whisking". They obviously know what they are talking about and over-whisking just made the mixture really stodgy. In fact you don't even need to whisk at all, just mix with a metal spoon, just like cake mixture.

I did need to add an additional 100ml of Almond milk, firstly to fix my over-whisking disaster but I also did the same on my second batch anyway to loosen the mixture a little and make it easier to get thinner pancakes. I guess this is up to your personal preference.

Then you just cook as you would any pancakes. The mixture is quite thick so I found the best way to cook them was to add your mixture to the pan, allow it to seal, flip it over and splat it with the spatula to flatten it.

Voila...pancakes are served.

My healthy pancake topping of choice is bananas and blueberries, goodness knows what the kids put on their's, I try to turn a blind eye! 


They were good! Jack loved them and gave them 10/10, Holly said they were a little "nutty" but she loved them too. My only criticism was they were a little plain, and at first I couldn't put my finger on what was missing, perhaps a pinch of salt or a sprinkle of cinnamon maybe?

We didn't eat the whole batch in one go so I kept them in the fridge and reheated them in the microwave the next day. Obviously fresh is best but this worked and meant that I was able to get the whole batch cooked in one go. Perhaps another option would have been to keep the uncooked batter in the fridge and cook as required. I also froze some in batches and they defrosted and reheated absolutely fine too.


So, moving on to the Dark Wolf mix. I have never had chocolate pancakes before, but they sound great so I was looking forward to these. I had been looking for a chocolate pancake recipe to add to my healthy pancake blog post anyway. 

I mixed up the batch without over-whisking this time and they were cooked and served within 10 minutes. The kids weren't so enthralled with these ones, with Holly stating that they were "too chocolately" (is she even my daughter??!!). Raw cacao can be a bit of acquired taste so I understand what she was saying but I love raw cacao and thought W+S got the quantity just right in this mix. 

I added the same banana and blueberry topping as before and for me, the Dark Wolf mix had in it exactly what was missing from the Howlin' Good mix; cacao, cinnamon and nutmeg. I loved them! I've talked about the health benefits of chocolate for breakfast before, and these really hit the spot.

The verdict...

This pancake mix is a good balance of clean, whole foods, deliciousness and convenience all rolled into one. The Dark Wolf Raw Cacao was by far my favourite mix whereas the kids preferred the plainer Howlin' Good. The pancakes were easy to cook, can be re-heated and/or frozen. The mix is vegan friendly, contains no refined sugar, high in Omega 3, protein and fibre, so you are allowed to feel very virtuous when you eat these. We are very lucky in our house that no one needs to be gluten-free as these pancakes would be a no go. Perhaps a gluten-free version might be very welcome in the future?

The Wolf+Scott Pancake Mix is available from, priced at £4.99 for 250g Howlin' Good or £6.99 for 250g Dark Wolf (plus delivery).


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