REVIEW: RXBar Protein Bars


I love food so when I was offered a box of RXBar protein bars to try then I jumped at the chance! I was sent the variety box containing 12 bars of 4 different flavours; Chocolate Sea Salt, Peanut Butter, Coconut, Blueberry (RRP £27). And before I move on, I didn’t eat them all, I did share them!


RXBars are very straightforward. The packaging is simple, the ingredients are simple, the message is simple.

  • Real Food.

  • Simple Ingredients.

  • No B.S.

I had to explain the last one to my kids but they are old enough now (10 and 8) to get it and not repeat it to the teacher!

Each bar contains egg whites for protein, dates to bind the ingredients together, nuts for texture plus the extra ingredient for each of the different flavours. They are gluten, soy and dairy free.

They could be eaten for breakfast, and they are certainly substantial enough, or as a pre or post workout snack, or an on the go snack.

I don’t really do much endurance exercise these days, I’m more of a little and often kind of girl, so this doesn’t really warrant the need for extra protein and for this reason I found one bar to be a little too much. Half a bar would be more than enough for a normal pre or post-exercise snack. Mr Hope, on the other hand, tends to put the miles in each week on his bike so I suggested this might be something he could take with him for one of the longer rides.

Each of the four flavours are very different and vary slightly in texture so I’ll deal with one at a time.


We start with blueberry. Everyone who tried this one really liked the taste. It felt a bit lighter and less heavy-going than some of the others. Unfortunately what we did find with this one was that it was very sticky and really hard to get the wrapper off! Not good if you are on a 50 mile bike ride and trying to eat as you go (or in a car like I was!).


Coconut’s not for everyone although it is commonly lauded as a superfood. The coconut bar had a nice taste, not too overpowering in coconut but not too sweet either. Probably a better option than the blueberry option if you don’t have such a sweet tooth.


Peanut Butter

This was by far my favourite. It tasted like a Snickers bar (minus the chocolate) and I really enjoyed it. That being said, it was really filling and I struggled to eat the whole bar. All the bars were very similar in texture but I particularly noticed with this one that it got really stuck around my teeth - not good if you are out doing some exercise!

Chocolate Sea Salt

This was my least favourite and overall by everyone who tried them. It was just way too salty! Perhaps if you were doing a long run or bike ride, where you need to start replacing the salt you are sweating out it then it might be a good option but otherwise it was too much.

The verdict…

Loved the taste, loved the simplicity. They are exactly what they say they are and there is a flavour for everyone. If you are looking for a healthier, sugar-free protein bar to fuel your workouts, then you can’t really go wrong with these.

RXBars are available from priced at £27 for a box of 12 (free delivery). Boxes can be any of the flavours or a variety box, which is 4 of each flavour.

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