London Marathon 2015 - Ticking off the miles

Tuesday 17th March 2015 - 6 miles

I've given up on the tempo/interval/marathon pace runs. I'm just running whatever pace I feel like, just getting through the miles. I despise these "short" runs now. The whole having to run thing is driving me a little crazy, always making sure I am drinking enough water, getting enough sleep and eating properly - none of which are really happening at the moment.

So another 6 miles done today, slightly painful in the lower leg but it definitely eased as the run went on. Had a few walking moments, mainly when there was any sort of an incline.

When the physio signed me off she said that if I have any sort of niggles whatsoever then I should make an appointment with her, she would get me through this marathon. Time to make an appointment because I am really not happy about this shin problem.

Thursday 19th March 2015 - 6 miles

Physio today and as I had thought, the deep muscles in my lower leg were incredibly tight, which was causing the shin pain. Not that my leg was about to snap off as I had hoped! 10 minutes of massage and ultrasound ensued and that was it. It's not good though is it when the physio cringes at your crunching knees!!

As the physio appointment had taken the slot available to run in, I had a choice of either running tomorrow, or running with the Hope runners. Only one of the group was available to run tonight, and that was the lovely Kirsty. By chance, her front door is exactly 3 miles from hers so I ran to hers, then we ran all the way back together. As expected, the first 3 miles were hell, but the second 3 miles we managed to chat the minutes away. It was the first run I had done in a while when there was no walking, so chuffed with that.

The leg is not happy but I do have two days rest between now and Sunday when I will be attempting a 16 miler. As I did last week I will be breaking this down into a 6 miler and 2x 5 milers. If anyone fancies joining me for any of these "legs" you would be very, very welcome. I will leave from the Farmhouse pub car park at 9.20am for the 6 miler, back for the first 5 miler at 10.25am and then the second 5 miler at 11.20am.

I am running the London Marathon for the The Sunrise Appeal, part of the Ipswich Hospital Charity. You can sponsor me here