London Marathon 2015 - "They love a bit of it (parkrun)"

Saturday 24th January 2015 - 3 miles

Rightly or wrongly I decided to get up and do parkrun this morning. If I'm honest I probably could have done with a day's rest after yesterday but it was good to be back. It ticks off the first run of week 2.

Had a bit of a technology failure/blonde moment (delete as applicable) and forgot to to press 'go' on my Garmin. I realised at about 0.8 miles in so not all bad. At least I had my socks on the right feet today!! I did a bit extra dodging the mud in the woods today so all good.

My running partner Jess, who I hadn't run with for a while, did me with her sprint finish, didn't have it in me today. Next time Jess!

In hindsight it was probably the Kesgrave parkrun course that has caused me the IT band problem in the first place. Uneven surfaces and running on a slight camber. Not good for a person with one leg shorter than the other (had I told you that?)

No PB but not a bad time either and another 3 miles in the bag.