London Marathon 2015 - Team Hope

Sunday 18th January 2015 - 3 miles

So second run of the week and this time I went out with the Team Hope support team. When I say support I mean this is the loosest possible way....tired legs, shoe laces, cold hands, muddy puddles, dog poo, were just a few of the traumas, and we only went 3 miles!

I shouldn't moan really. I had spent the afternoon procrastinating about going out; I'll just have a cup of tea, I'll just sort that washing out, I just need to check something on Facebook. If they hadn't come with me I'm not sure I would have ever got out there.

I'm going to switch my long runs to Friday morning, so I don't have time to think about going out. It messes up my Thursday and Saturday runs but I can't keep sitting around on Sunday dreading going out.

Unfortunately my leg ached the whole way round so I felt a little disheartened, wondering if I am actually going to be able to run a marathon in 3 months. It was ok to run on and when I came back I made sure I stretched and rolled everything!

Got a rest day tomorrow, and when I say rest day I mean I will do a little strength circuit, teach an hour-long yoga class, and do the physio exercises. Rest day means no running. Then I will have another short run on Tuesday and see how it goes.