London Marathon 2015 - Sweaty Betty

Tuesday 28th October 2014 - 4km

IMG_3801There's nothing like a new bit of kit to help your motivation. I had planned to run before my outdoor fitness session but I was just not feeling it this morning. The kids were away for the night so I chose the lay-in option instead. And without Jack's (DS) high octane energy levels to wake me up, I was still somewhat lethargic by the time I arrived at my class.

Class completed but the thought of a run was leaving me a bit cold....and then my parcel from Sweaty Betty arrived. Well chuffed!! The afternoon run suddenly became a lot more appealing. It could be an expensive 6 months - just don't tell the DH (this will be a good test to see if he reads my blog!!!)

IMG_3802IMG_38034km completed in glorious October sunshine, with my trusty running partner Lucy. I arrived home to find out I had been locked out so because of this additional stress it felt necessary to put my feet up with a cuppa and some fruit and nut when I did finally get back in the house!!

Next run Thursday evening, 8km.