London Marathon 2015 - PMA and Coffee

Sunday 8th February 2015 - 8 miles

Feeling awesome actually. Good run today despite the fact that I'd had a few days off due to a poorly child and the amount of pizza that I had eaten last night!!

Maybe it's because my expectations weren't very high but I felt comfortable again today. I had drunk gallons of water - mainly because of the Domino's (every time I eat it I feel like my long-standing relationship with Texas BBQ edges ever closer to the end).

I got home from my outdoor fitness class and had a quick coffee before meeting Carina at 10am. The last time I had a good, comfortable run also involved coffee about 30 minutes before I left. Apart from the obvious issue with having this extra drink, I'm thinking this might be a regular part of the pre-run routine.

The first few miles whizzed by as we were having a good old-fashioned bitch. Then I lost Carina for a couple of miles but I am pleased to report that I did find her again, just when I needed her, at about 7 miles. The last mile was then an easy one home.

Gave myself a pat on the back and a much-deserved glass of wine. I was also drowning my sorrows because I have calculated that I have got one less week than I need. There goes my easy week 5!! Legs all feel ok, except for an achey pelvis. I'm hoping that this is just a side-effect from my new orthotics (that correct my dodgy toe).