London Marathon 2015 - parkrun and plogging

Saturday 21st February 2015 - 4.6 miles

Had to fit in a 3rd run this week before the big one tomorrow so got up and did parkrun this morning. Running there, the course, and back was 4.6 miles so 0.6 miles more than I needed too. I didn't blaze any trails but I completed it in a reasonable time.

The best thing about the morning was the socialising at the end. I've started making some really good friends over my 17 park runs and had a good old chit chat over a coffee and a was a very slow run home!!

Sunday 22nd February - 10.5 miles

The strange thing is this...I am actually enjoying the longer runs more than I am the shorter ones. What is that all about?! I can only think it's down to expectation. I fully expect 10.5 miles to be a slog but 5 miles to be easy. So I set off this morning, with Carina in tow, a 10.5 route planned (and written on hand) taking in a bit of heathland, a golf course and Christchurch Park.

We even made time for a little cheesy photoshoot....


This is the charity I am running for, in case you wondered!!

I can only describe today's run as a "plog", aptly named by fellow parkrunner, Rachel. This is the technical term for a combination of "plodding" and "jogging". This is exactly how today went. Enjoyable but quite slow. The heathland part was a bit tricky and undoubtedly there were hills at various places along the route. The weather was beautiful. We got abused by the Thorndyke family at some traffic lights, and bibbed by the Guilder family shortly after! All good fun!

I took another look at my plan today and somehow I'm still a week behind. Next week's long run drops back down to 9 miles so instead I will push up to 13 miles...and then I am back on track...definitely this time.