London Marathon 2015 - No Expectations

Friday 13th February 2015 - 9 miles

I'm not superstitious otherwise I may not have gone out today. I wouldn't have needed much excuse...I was moody and tired, and my abs were killing me from teaching an LBT class yesterday. Not up for it at all. Fortunately I had arranged to run with Carina, and running with a friend always helps a lot in getting you out of the door. And yes...we were both awesome today.

It's been good for me finding Carina to run with. It's helped to make my long runs a lot more comfortable. Mainly because I've had someone to take my mind off the running but also because I pace myself better over the longer distance. I can tell she is getting better as well, she has definitely started talking more! We even have "sides of the bed" now, Carina will always run on the left.

Route was ok today, apart from one road, where running against the wind was like running into a brick wall. Also as much as I try I can't avoid hills completely.

Best quote of the day was from Carina; "I'm going to close my eyes and run, so that I can't see the hills coming"....bless. She's not even blonde!

I'm now back to the point I had got to when I stopped before and after today I'm feeling that these long runs aren't so bad. You just need to set yourself some guidelines...

Next run will be Sunday, only 3.5 miles. Then I'm missing out week 5 and moving straight on to week 6 - intervals, tempo runs and 10.5 miles. I'm actually looking forward to it!