London Marathon 2015 - Lucy and Me

Tuesday 3rd March 2015 - 3 miles


Since my 13 miler last week, my head and my body have not wanted to cooperate. On Sunday I was a glorious failure, abandoning my 5 mile tempo run after 2 miles with nothing to give. I made the sorry walk home.

Two early nights later I'm still shattered and I had to dig deep to even bother going out today. I decided that I would have (or try to have) a lot more sleep this week, take it easy and spend the week trying to get my head  right before I tackle the last 6 weeks of the plan. As I write this it's 9.53pm, so I do need to be thinking about going to bed sometime soon.

I took the dog with me today, killed two birds with one stone. It was ok, fairly slow, Lucy definitely holds me back!! Perhaps that is what I needed though. The knees aren't happy, they don't appear to have any spring or bend left in them!!

Ok, so I've had my aches and pains, but one of the biggest battles of marathon training, for me anyway, is the mental challenge. I said it last time, so I was better prepared, but it's still got me. The body is tired but the head is stubborn!!

And on that note...I'm off to bed. Night night.

I am running the London Marathon for the The Sunrise Appeal, part of the Ipswich Hospital Charity. You can sponsor me here