London Marathon 2015 - Intervals

Tuesday 9th December 2015 - 3 miles

The weather today was eye-wateringly cold, frosty but bright. Proper Winter weather, the best kind. This helps my running mood a lot! I had the opportunity to get my run done in the morning, which also helps my motivation, no time to sit there procrastinating about it.

So week 6 of the training plan and the introduction of some intervals. The plan today was to do 10 mins easy, the 8 intervals of 1 min fast/2 mins recovery, 10 mins easy. I like intervals, they are hard if you push yourself but I would much prefer to do these than just run at a steady pace. It was good, I completed all the intervals...just...but I have to admit I did abandon the 10 mins easy at the end. Next time.

Still not sure what is going on with this right knee. Can't really decide if it is the knee or something else. It just doesn't feel quite right. I did my new post-run routine of ibuprofen plus foam-rolling and everything feels ok so I'm hoping something is just a bit out of line and it will pass.


When I went out on Sunday I really felt the cold around my neck. Can't wear a scarf to run in but then I remembered my Polar Buff from my skiing days!! I had no idea where it was but found it at the bottom of my bikinis, scarves and gloves draw!! If you haven't got one, you need to get one for your outdoor Winter activities. I guess it is like a sporty "snood", a tube which is part Polartec fleece and part microfibre. It was just what I needed on a day like today.

So a promising start to the week and another interval session planned for Thursday.