London Marathon 2015 - Hotels check

Tuesday 10th February 2015 - 6 miles

Terrible night's sleep with a major hip/back problem, that seemed like the end of the world. Couldn't bend, lay down or sit comfortably. It felt a bit like the "falling down the stairs" injury I had a couple of months back. I think I might have aggravated it teaching yoga last night. Walking seemed ok though. Anyway, long story short, pre-school run in pain, post-school run, much less pain.

I had the option of a 6 or a 3.5 mile run, my preference being the longer run. So I planned a 6 mile route but would take the 3.5 mile option if necessary...or abandon completely. 6 miles it was! I ran the first very comfortably, at quite a fast pace for me, and the last 2 were a bit harder. If you live in the Kesgrave/Rushmere area, Broadlands Way, Brendon Drive - bit of a b**ch!!

In other news....hotel in apartment in Canary Wharf actually. Only problem is I'm thinking that I might not want to get up and leave it on the marathon morning!!