London Marathon 2015 - High on the Hog

Tuesday 21st October 2014 - 3k

Last weekend was the much-anticipated "Whole Hog" and Team Hope's first outing to an obstacle race. I wanted to get the excitement of the hog race out of the way, before I turned my focus to the marathon training.

If you IMG_3711don't know already, "The Whole Hog" is a 7-8 mile obstacle race, which takes place at Wantisden Valley in Suffolk. Overall I loved doing this event; the obstacles were great fun but the running was somewhat of a challenge. It was a multi-terrain course so one minute you were pegging it up a sandy hill, then through 5 inch mud, and then over pine needles with a few haystacks thrown in your path. All this, and you were covered head to toe and every orifice in between in mud, wet through to your pants, with numb legs because the cold water prevented any circulation you did once have! Honestly, it was great and I will do it again next year.

However, what I did learn from the hog race is that I've got one hell of a lot of work to do leading up to this marathon. I was, quite honestly, rubbish at the running, and after viewing some of the "beached whale" shots of me from Sunday, I know exactly why! Carrying this excess baggage behind me is certainly not helping my running!!

So yesterday I started focusing a bit more on the healthy eating, eating clean as I do most of the time but perhaps a little bit less than usual...and without the chocolate...and the wine...and the pizza...(*whispering* and the cake). Two days in and so far so good.

Feeling inspired from Sunday, I did my own outdoor fitness session this morning. A plyometrics workout in gale force winds and rain. I'm going to feel that tomorrow! I even embraced the elements again in the afternoon to do my first training run for LM, a nice gentle 3k. Taking full advantage while the motivation levels are high.

So all in all a good first day, just need to follow that with a good night's sleep. Onwards and upwards from here...