London Marathon 2015 - Goodbye October. Hello November

Saturday 1st November 2014 - 5km

Couldn't make Parkrun this morning because I had a prior engagement booked for 9.30am. The kids stayed at Grandma's last night so I forfeited my lay-in for a 7.30am run. It didn't feel particularly good and actually for most of the way it felt like I was running through treacle . There could have been a number of reasons for this, any of the following in fact:

  1. P1010020I ate too much dinner last night. We went out for DH's birthday to the Froize Inn in Chillesford. I highly recommend by the way.
  2. I didn't have enough to drink last night. Sadly I was 'DES' last night so maybe I didn't drink enough red wine.
  3. I'm not a morning person. I generally hate waking up in the morning. I wake up in a grouchy mood, and I get mad if there's too much light (sunlight is acceptable). I’m usually like this until about 9am, and then out pops a new person who is ready to smile, talk to perfect strangers, and waves to her neighbors as they drive by.
  4. I didn't get enough sleep. Could possibly answer why #3, but I am a night owl, and prefer to stay up rather than going to bed!
  5. I ran before having breakfast. I'm a girl who likes her food. I NEED to be fuelled, otherwise this adds to #3.
  6. I didn't have enough water. The answer to all world problems...not drinking enough water!!

I suspect it was probably a combination of all of the above (except perhaps for #2 and #3)!!

The difference between me today and me three weeks ago is that I can keep running rather than giving up and walking. It's as much about the mental training as the physical training. Roll on a big(ish) run tomorrow.