London Marathon 2015 - Go the extra mile

Thursday 27th November 2014 - 8 miles

IMG_3921Oops! It was supposed to be an easy 6 miles tonight but I somehow managed to do an extra couple, completely by accident with a bad bit of planning...or lack of planning. It was a Hope Runners night so the plan was to add an extra 1km on to the normal 5km. Took a bit of guess at it and ended up adding another 2km plus the 2 miles I had done before I met up with the other girls. Oh well, it won't kill me and I ended up doing my fastest ever 10k.

Slightly concerned about my knees though, particularly my left one. They were the most painful today they have ever been since I started. The running's going well so I want to make sure I do everything I can to help. My action plan is as follows;

1) foam roller

2) ice packs

3) strength circuit

4) epsom salts

5) chocolate

6) more sleep

Next run...parkrun on Saturday with hopefully a better performance than last week!