London Marathon 2015 - "Exercise" my demons

Thursday 19th February 2015 - 4.2 miles

And there were a few today...demons that is! I put it off all day, mainly because of a negative head but also a mile long to-do list, including; a Power Rangers cake, wrapping presents, preparing dinner, hoovering, preparing a guest room and walking the dog.

As it approached Hope Runners time I was actually ready to clear my head. It was pouring with rain and very windy but running was invigorating let's say! There were 3 of us out and I decided to go ahead with my tempo session. It was a bit unsociable of me because every 5 minutes I kept running off!

I think I was supposed to do 5 mins tempo/5 mins easy three times but I set my watch to only do two! Irrelevant really because I think three would have been too many! During the tempo phases I was running at a pace of 8.5 miles/min....nausea inducing!

Got to fit in an easy 4 miles before my long run on Sunday (10.5). Think it might be time for a parkrun return.