London Marathon 2015 - "Everyone's behind is perfectly designed"


It's been a while but I finally made my running debut in 2015. The story goes like this... As I mentioned in my last post (on 17th December!!) I decided to take a break to help get rid of the aches and pains in my leg. Trouble is, they didn't go away. In fact it felt like it was getting worse even though I wasn't running. Over Christmas I was starting to get a little bit down and worried that if I didn't get back into it soon I would not be running the marathon this year, and I wasn't sure I'd have the heart to have to think about it all again in 2016 (I've already planned my running retirement).

I was still convinced the problem was my IT band but I needed to find out why my IT band was getting tight in the first place so I bit the bullet and booked a physio appointment. This was on the 6th January. I walked in, met the lovely Sharon, the resident biomechanics and orthotics specialist, and immediately she spotted I roll my feet out. Who knew?!! And now it has been pointed out to me I have noticed that I do it all the time!! When I brush my teeth, when I wash up, when I'm teaching yoga...

Secondly, after taking plaster cast moulds of my feet apparently I over-pronate (roll in) to compensate for the rolling out. Still with me? You've got to wonder why I don't just keep my feet still!!!

Thirdly, like a lot of people, particularly us ladies, I have a lazy bum. I completely knew that already but would never admit it. All the other muscles around my glutes were compensating for this laziness.

Fourthly, and this is definitely explains a lot about my lack of running finesse...I have one leg shorter than other!!!

After finding all this out I am quite honestly surprised that I have survived this long.

So...three physio appointments later, a spangly pair of new (neutral running shoes), a fetching pair of orthotics, endless hours of foam-rolling and many bum-activation exercises, and considerably less money, I'm good to go again.

I was given strict instructions to only run for 20 minutes tonight, at a very slow pace (like I have any other). Armed with my new toy, a Garmin forerunner, I headed out with the Hope runners, who are all training for the Winter 10k in 2 weeks, including myself. It went well, on a very windy and chilly night. No major disasters other than putting my new socks on the wrong feet when they were clearly labelled 'R' and 'L' and a bit of a dizzy spell when I stopped, that was all.


I stretched and rolled when I got in. My new Garmin tells me that I ran 2.64 miles at a pace of 10.30/mile. I found this new gadget so exciting that I want to go out again solely for the purpose of using it again. Might even have to record the school run tomorrow.

I have another physio appointment in two weeks and my homework is another selection of "butt" exercises. Look out for this in just a few weeks....