London Marathon 2015 - *Epic post alert*

IMG_3909Before I get started, this is going to be an epic post, covering three training sessions. Before you begin reading, if you still want too, go and make yourself a nice cup of tea, and make yourself comfortable...

Thursday 20th November 2014 - 6.5km

Hope runners night, just the two of us this week, myself and the lovely Lucinda. My second run, since my falling down the stairs incident and all was ok. It wasn't a particularly fast but the back felt ok so it looked like everything was getting back to normal.

Saturday 22nd November 2014 - 8km

10424292_1559705527594863_57514381325831580_nparkrun day and I was looking forward to it after missing a week. Rain was holding off but the ground was quite soft and muddy underfoot. Wasn't feeling it today, had to keep stopping and way off getting a PB. It's frustrating but you have days like that. I have plenty of excuses....want to hear them?

Here's my top 10:



#10 Late breakfast - after rushing around with the kids in the morning, I ended up eating my breakfast just minutes before I walked out the door. Could feel it all sloshing around for the whole 5k.

#9 Didn't drink enough water - the headache kicked in pretty much as soon as we started running.

#8 Had a headache - probably because of #9.

#7 Had a couple of beers on Friday night - probably caused #8 and #9.

#6 Went to bed too late on Friday night - no reason it's just what I do.

#5 Started too fast - gets me every time. I must remember my race tactics. I'm must start at plodding pace and pick up the pace, otherwise I struggle.

#4 Too many layers - it was a dark and damp November morning but not that cold.

#3 Kids and husband - No reason really, they weren't even there. Aren't they always to blame?

1401873_1559710960927653_8960279906799310960_o#2 White socks - don't ask, they were just annoying me!

#1 Phone in trouser bum pocket - and I think this was the key to my poor performance. The extra weight on my bottom (as if I need that) kept causing my trousers to work their way down. I spent the whole run hoicking them up. Nothing worse than a wardrobe malfunction!

My list of excuses aside, I just have to mention my running partner Kirsty's performance. Her third PB in a row, and probably her best ever 5k time. She left me for dust but great running from her. Now you need to focus on that 10k Kirsty!!

Sunday 23rd November 2014 - 8 miles

Ok, there I've done it. I'm biting the bullet and have switched to miles. From this point forward I'm all imperial.


This was the run I had planned to do 2 weeks ago before stupidly falling down the stairs. I had tentatively planned to do this today but was leaving it to the last minute to see how I felt. After a late night on the Saturday night, due to a trip to Kirkley with the Suffolk Concert Band, I eventually wound down and got to bed about 1am. Having not slept for any of the next 4 hours, due to my own little mini-crisis, I gave up and got up at 5am! Took the dog out at 6am. Back for breakfast, or an attempt at breakfast at 7am. Work at 8am.

Let me change the subject for a Sunday morning outdoor fitness class never fails to inspire me. The weather was hideous this morning; dark and raining. What commitment it takes to get up and out there on Sunday morning! But I had 6 willing participants this morning, what a bunch of stars. I was wet through when I got home so thought I may as well get out there and get my run over and done with.

I had planned the 12km route, sorry the 8 mile route, in the early hours. A big loop from my house, round the Kesgrave, Rushmere and California areas, and back to my house. My preference is always loops but sometimes it feels a bit scary to keep running further away from your house just in case you can't get back, especially as no one else was at home today.

Mainly the weather was perfect for a run, drizzle, not much breeze and mild. However, the last mile was done in the pouring rain, which wasn't a huge amount of fun. I dug deep, I channeled the resulting inner despair from last night's mini crisis into positive energy and fortunately it got me round. I wanted to give up a couple of times, but I didn't. There is a killer hill from the Nuffield Hospital past the stadium on Foxhall road, that is the home stretch of my run. I'm possibly exaggerating a little but it is tough for me. However, if I can get up that hill in one piece, the rest usually seems so much easier Needless to say I turn the corner into Bell Lane and from here I can see my house, I'm practically cartwheeling home it's such a pleasing sight!!

It was by no means a star performance. Slow and steady but that's ok by me. It's more important that I didn't stop and didn't give up. Hot bath, coffee, chocolate, peace and quiet, the offer of a hot dinner from a neighbour and an early night is the plan for the rest of my day. Ready for next week's challenges.