London Marathon 2015 - Eggs or Oats?

Saturday 8th November 2015 - 8km

10169285_1554930364739046_977165397341070141_nBack to parkrun this morning and another lovely November day for it. The ground was a bit wet underfoot and it was quite windy. Despite that another PB and another step closer to that elusive sub 30 minutes. Great team effort this morning from my fellow runners; Kirsty Smith - her first ever park run (it's going to take some to beat that time KS!!) and Jessica Read - only 8 years old and completely out-paced me over the last 800m. I'll beat you next week Jess!!!

*IRRATIONAL WOMAN MOMENT ALERT* After seeing some of the photos from parkrun this morning, I'm still not particularly happy with the excess weight I'm carrying. My running has definitely improved over the last 3 weeks but imagine how much better it would be if I was a few kilos lighter?? Definitely something I need to concentrate on over the next few weeks. A good start would be to not finish parkrun with cake!!

10262009_1554934771405272_647881717920331622_nAnd, while we're on the subject of food....we were discussing the pros and cons of what to eat for breakfast before a run. I have had two consecutive PBs at parkrun; the first one I had scrambled eggs with rocket and tomatoes for breakfast, the second one I had grapefruit and porridge. After eggs I definitely felt lighter and more energetic whereas after oats, despite the better PB, I felt heavy and lethargic. I know there are many other factors that could have effected me, such as hydration and sleep, but as from Monday I'm going to start keeping a food diary.

So nearly the end of another successful running week but facing a 12km tomorrow. At this very moment I don't feel like I can do it but let's see what a good night's sleep will bring.

Goodnight x