London Marathon 2015 - Death or Glory

Saturday 29th November 2015 - 5.5 miles

Today was a good day. The day started with parkrun, which is always a good start to a Saturday. It was slow, steady and comfortable so I was well-chuffed when I got the text to say I had a PB. I've still got 27 seconds to knock off to find that elusive sub-30, but it will happen soon! Love parkrun!!

The rest of the day involved afternoon tea followed by the Hope Fitness Doo, featuring more food and a fair bit of red wine. I went to bed wondering if I would be able to manage my longest run to date tomorrow.

Sunday 30th November 2014 - 9 miles

I nearly didn't go.

I had a very slightly fuzzy head from the night before and was feeling very tired. My sole motivation was that next week on the plan is an active recovery week, resting up, allowing my body to recover (and adapt) from the shock of the extra miles. Next week will be my favourite week of the plan so if I had not run today I wouldn't feel that I deserved an easy week.

I had planned (for what it's worth) an 8.5 mile route. Turns out it was 9 miles and I did really struggle with the last couple of miles. Every single muscle in my legs was screaming. My planning also failed due to me adding two long roads that didn't have paths. These roads accounted for a good 3-4 miles of my route and, bearing in mind it was about 3.30pm on a gloomy November afternoon...and I was wearing head to toe in black, it possibly wasn't one of my brightest moves ever.

Anyway, I lived to tell the tale. Mainly by jumping up banks every few minutes when cars, driving far too fast went by. By 7 miles I was back to home territory but I have to admit I had a little walk. From here there were no shortcuts home so I thought that I may as well run and get home quicker.

I still managed to run 10'44"/miles even with a hangover so definitely not disheartened, it wasn't exactly the best pre-run preparation. And I'm well on target to do 10 miles by Christmas. Who knows, with my rubbish route-planning it could be a ½ marathon by Christmas!!

Total miles this week 26.7. Just got to compress that into one run and I'm there!