London Marathon 2015 - Bread and butter

Tuesday 4th November 2014 - 5km

Today was a "bread and butter" run. What I mean is, it was an easy 5km, to stretch the legs and just to keep the miles up during the week. I have struggled all year to make 5k feel easy, like I could just go out and do it with no trouble, and finally that day has arrived. Now all I have to focus on is doing that 8 and a bit times in one go and I can run a marathon!

The November weather was kind, and although it was chilly, the sun made it bearable. I took the dog with me but at 8 ½, she struggles a bit with 5k. Ended up dragging her behind me for the last 1km!

Slightly concerned about my knees. It is quite painful to squat down and getting up again is slightly embarrassing as I need to claw myself up the closest piece of furniture. My achilles on one side is also very tight. It might be time to dust off the foam roller from the garage. Planning to add a couple of strength sessions over the next couple of weeks. Might even start to dare to talk about miles instead of kilometres!