London Marathon 2015 - Birth Stories, Blisters and Dodgy Toes

Tuesday 27th January 2015 - 4.5 miles

To prevent the procrastination of last Tuesday's run, I went straight out after my work had was still hard to get going, and I still managed to procrastinate...putting my gloves on, getting in and out of my car, checking my phone etc. etc.

It was a bit of a slog but then I was desperate for my morning coffee. It was good when I finally got to have it 4.5 miles later...'s all about the coffee.

Thursday 29th January 2015 - 3 miles

I had a physio appointment at lunchtime, mainly to check the progress of the orthotics. The main problem I had been having was blisters; one on my arch and one on my second toe. The one on my arch was caused by the orthotic sitting too high, easily fixed by having the inner soles of my shoes trimmed. After much analysis of my bare feet, my walking and my bone structure, the physio discovered my second toe bone sits lower than the metatarsal it is attached too. Hence the blister.

I was gobsmacked, actually gobsmacked. What else might be wrong with me? I'm such a freak!! The topic of biomechanics is amazing, our bodies are so finally tuned!!

I deliberated for the rest of the afternoon about whether to run or not, mainly because I had 7 miles planned for 12 hours later but also because it was snowing. I went out anyway, although it was very icy so hard to get any rhythm.


Friday 30th January 2015 - 7 miles

12 hours later, and another 7 miles, this time with my new running buddy Carina. In hindsight, this run would have been slightly easier without the run from the night before but we did it. We chatted about lots of things, shared birth stories, you know just everyday topics!!

The blister on my foot was playing up a little during the run but I was slightly horrified when I took my socks off to find this...ouch!


Worrying as I am off to London for the Winter 10k on Sunday. Quick trip to the pharmacy to find out if I should lance or leave, and left £14 later armed with Compeed, dressings and antiseptic cream. I'm hoping it's going to be ok. As I type it is still intact and not causing me too many problems. I've done infected blisters before and it was not fun.

Roll on Sunday!!