London Marathon 2015 - Beetroot-faced, heavy breather!!

b230eba79e2de09ed19fec598c357730Friday 23rd January 2015 - 6 miles

New long run day and the good thing about today was that I could get out early before I had too long to fill my head with negative thoughts. Just had to drop the kids off at school/playgroup then I was free to go. This alone lifts my mood by 100%! It was very cold but the sun was shining. If I'm honest, I was looking forward to this one (But shh, don't tell anyone, I have a reputation)

Today, to keep me in check, I had a running partner, the lovely Carina. I would have struggled today if she wasn't with me. She doesn't believe that but it's the truth. I was so busy chit-chatting away and checking she was ok, I didn't have time to overthink what I was doing. So grateful I am of her support today, I named the blog post in her honour....her words not mine!

The run was good, very comfortable in fact. I could have run further if I had needed too. No problems with my leg, either during the run or as I sit here typing now. Knees and ankles are feeling a little stiff but what's new?!

A much needed confidence boost. After a good re-week 1, I'm starting to believe again that I can actually do this. And now I am really looking forward to taking Team Hope to the Winter 10k in London a week on Sunday.

Might even enjoy a little parkrun tomorrow!