London Marathon 2015 - Back for good?

Tuesday 18th November 2014 - 5km

So where were we? Oh yes, last time we spoke I had just fallen down the stairs! Feels like so long ago but it was actually only just over a week ago. After taking some advice last Monday, the verdict was that my back was just bruised. A week of painkillers, ice packs and hot water bottles followed and a decision, after much nagging from my nearest and dearest, was made to have a week off. I was told to keep moving so I had no excuses for dog walk or school runs. I was able to move more as the week went on and I did manage to teach a yoga class on Thursday. Although I had to grimace my way through it, it did actually help.

I had hoped to share with you a bruise picture, so I would at least have something to show for my pain, but alas, no bruise has materialised.

This week I have started doing a bodyweight circuit to help with the running, this started yesterday. Although my plank wasn't quite up to scratch, the rest of the workout went well. Then I had to teach yoga again last night. I came home from that last night feeling like I may have just gone 5 steps backwards and perhaps I had overdone my rehab. However, woke up this morning with barely any pain.

Time to start running again.

I had forgotten my DD's shoes when I dropped her off at playgroup this morning so I tested the water with an impromptu sprint home and back. All felt good.

Later on in the morning I headed out for a tentative 5km. Well that was my aim but if I couldn't manage it then I would have been happy to do less. Lucy (the dog) came with me and together we did the distance. Fitness - ok, knees and ankles - same old, back - absolutely fine. When I got back, my glute and hamstring muscles were a bit tight but that's not really surprising as they were probably compromising for a tight lower back. A couple of hours later all feels fine.

So all good, I have survived the first drama of the marathon training challenge. It won't be the last drama I'm sure. Now looking forward to getting the miles up again.