London Marathon 2015 - An easy 5k

Thursday 6th November 2015 - 5km

Banged out another easy 5k today, and every time they get a little bit faster. You never know I may get that sub 30 minute 5k I've been trying to achieve for goodness how long (there's a tip NR if you're reading this - double your distance to improve your time. Fancy a 20k???)

I'm still slightly chuffed that I now consider 5k easy and look forward in another 3 weeks to saying the same about the 10k. I had a busy day today so I knew I wasn't going to fit in the planned 9km. After lunch I was actually thinking that I wouldn't bother at all but then my head was in whirl wind and I couldn't concentrate on my work so I thought I might as well go out. I had to walk the dog anyway, and she can do with losing a few pounds, so I killed two birds with one stone!

Now looking forward to getting back to parkrun on Saturday.