London Marathon 2015 - An easy??? 3.5 miles

Sunday 15th February 2015 - 3.5 miles

Nearly didn't go, this is why I hate Sunday afternoon running. Too long to think about it, too much time to do other things. As it was, I had been running for about 30 seconds when I bumped into the lovely Emma and her beagle puppy Ruby. I managed to put off the running for at least another 5 minutes while we had a chat.

Once I got going I was fine. The problem with the shorter runs is that you expect them to be easier but often I find it takes most of the run to feel comfortable...must be something to do with the longer miles.

I've mentioned it before, I have a big ego. I struggled a bit with this 3.5 mile run but I got back and my garmin tells me I've got 2 new records, regardless of what they are, this boosts me for the next session. Incidentally, the two records were fastest 5k and fastest mile. Nothing spectacular but new records all the same.