London Marathon 2015 - A write off

Active recovery week this week, my favourite week so far. Didn't go that well though....viruses, GPS failures, knee problems, DOMS, holey socks and winter weather all against me this week.

Tuesday - The first easy run of the week. I ran to my outdoor fitness class, which was approximately 10 minutes of running (first GPS failure of the week), did the class, which included another 1km of running and 250 squats, then ran home again. The running was tough. The squats were easy. I'm struggling to walk up and down stairs at the moment, how is 250 squats easy??!!! Another pair of running socks bites the dust. Please hurry Santa, it's getting urgent!!

Thursday - This was supposed to be the second easy run of the week but I really hadn't been feeling great plus the resulting DOMS from those 250 squats had kicked in! Had the shivers and swollen glands, and extremely tired. Thought it best if I took it easy and had an extra rest day.

Saturday - parkrun day. I'd had an early night but if I hadn't arranged to meet the lovely Lucinda for her first parkrun, today would have been a rest day too! It was a cold one, 1ºC in Kesgrave at 9am. The ground was rock hard and I went out with the"kill or cure" attitude. Absolutely no intentions of a PB,  I was slow and steady, I walked a bit, I was purely there to blow the cobwebs away. Felt ok when I got home; took some Ibuprofen and foam-rolled, and the knees felt great.

Sunday - Had a 10k planned for today, to finish off the easy week. I'd promised the kids I'd put the Christmas tree up today....I think that sapped all my energy and my head just was not up for a run. After a super bit of procrastination I headed out. It was very windy and I had a very unhappy knee, a new pain this time. I got to about 4k before I'd decided enough was enough and did the walk of shame home.

This resulted in a little mini-drama about me giving up running completely, never going running again blah blah blah, but on reflection my goal of 10 miles before Christmas is still on so I got over it.

Who knows what next week will bring...I look forward to it with trepidation!