London Marathon 2015 - A Pain in the Bum

Thursday 23rd October 2014 - 7k

I wasn't wrong. My plyometrics workout from Tuesday did literally give me a pain in the bum. Stairs, toilets, shoes and generally sitting down, have all been somewhat challenging for the last 48 hours. Up yours DOMs!!

LegDayMemeThis week is all about establishing a regular running routine for me and being a little more mindful about my eating habits. Thursday night is the Hope Runners night, a regular 5k run in Kesgrave. I had planned an easy 6k, which is basically running to our meeting point, doing a 5k, and then running home again. I started out and my gluteus maximii (both of them?) were screaming, thought I was going to have to turnaround and go home.

I didn't and I completed the run successfully. It turns out that I actually did 7k in the end but who's counting?! And my butt...let's just say I definitely know where it is!!

Roll on Saturday and Kesgrave Parkrun. Now off to ease these aching muscles in a nice hot bath.