London Marathon 2015 - A little niggle

Thursday 11th December 2015 - 3 miles

It is so, so hard at this time of year to get motivated to run. Cold, windy and raining. I was tempted to skip the run and get straight in the bath. But that is the beauty of the running group. If I have committed to them that I will be running, then I will run. And it's always ok once I'm there.

It was supposed to be another interval session tonight but that is very difficult to do in a group. The session was also supposed to include a tempo run but at the moment I'm not entirely sure what that means!! I believe it is supposed to be a slightly faster-paced run to help reach your lactate-threshold, building speed and strength, but I only really have one pace and that is slow. Therefore I opted for an easy 5k instead!

My leg hurts. Still can't quite pinpoint exactly which bit is hurting, it just aches. I have tried stretching, massaging, rolling, pushing, prodding, twisting, and nothing seems to make it hurt more or make it feel better. It just hurts. For this reason I have gone a little of plan this week, I'll still try and add on ½ mile to my long run but otherwise I may just redo week 6 next week.

Still on target for 10 miles by Christmas. Now I can go and have my bath...