London Marathon 2015 - 4 Mile Slogathon

Tuesday 20th January 2015 - 4 miles

The title of the post says it all. I did the 4 miles but it wasn't pretty. I spent the duration of my class this morning huffing and puffing that I didn't want to go and then I spent a good 30 minutes faffing about getting ready to go before deciding to do my physio exercises before I actually got out there.

The idea of the exercises is to remind my bum what it should be doing, and if your glutes are firing as they should be, this should make your running more efficient. Sounds great in theory!

The weather was freezing, literally, but bright and sunny. 1st mile was great, very comfortable. 2nd mile not so good. 3rd mile legs felt like dead weights and I have to admit I did stop and walk for a minute. Then there was the slog home.

So it's done and dusted for another day. That's 9 miles in total so far this week and I'm planning another 6 on Friday after two whole rest days.