Healthy Pancake Recipes: Tried and Tested

So today is Pancake Day...or Shrove Tuesday officially. This is a favourite day in the Hope household (except for Mr Hope, he can't stand the things!) and actually any day can be pancake day, we're not fussy.

Depending on how they are made and what you put on top of them, they can be fairly high in fat, sugar and salt. And if you are gluten or dairy intolerant then the standard traditional recipes is a no go for you.

However with a few tweaks a healthier version of pancakes can be a hearty option, providing a high quantity of carbs, protein, vitamins and minerals.

As a little half-term project, myself and the Hope Juniors; Jack (8) and Holly (6), decided that we would try out some new and healthier pancake recipes to see if we liked them half as much as we do the normal ones. We were hoping to bring you our top 10 but we are 4 recipes down and a little pancaked out!

My apologies also goes to our very patient neighbours for the constant setting off of the smoke alarm, which always seems to happen when I cook pancakes!!

Instead, here is our review of the healthy pancake recipes we have tried and tested so far and maybe next year we'll bring you our top 10.


1. 3-Ingredient Banana Pancakes



Angela: I liked the idea of banana pancakes as they are quick to make and we always have over-ripe bananas to use up but these pancakes were just way to...banana-ey! They were hard to cook because it was a very wet batter and I ended up almost burning them just to get them to set, and the texture was very mushy. Angela's Rating 4/10

Jack: I didn't really like it. Jack's Rating 4/10

Holly: Dear Mummy, an excellent pancake, keep up the good work. Holly's Rating 10/10


2. Low Syn Crepe Style Pancakes


[Low calorie]

Angela: I had high hopes for these pancakes because they looked so good in the picture. Vanilla yoghurt was used and the batter looked like it had potential. However, I was quickly disappointed. They were incredibly fragile to cook (if you give them a go the bigger and thinner the better) and ended up looking a bit like a splat. They also had a weird mushy texture and not enough "bite" and they will definitely not make my top 10! Angela's Rating 2/10

Jack: I really like it. Can you make them again? Jack's Rating 10/10

Holly: They had a funny texture but tasted good with blueberries and sugar. Holly's Rating 8/10

3. Bodyism Wheat-Free Pancakes




Angela: When you look at the ingredients for these pancakes then you may decide to give them a miss BUT they are already a firm favourite in our house. Thus far, they are the best healthy pancakes I have found by a long way. Cook them small as they can end up a bit stodgy in the middle if you make them too big. I also make a big batch and freeze them for another day.   Angela's Rating 10/10

Jack: Delicious Jack's Rating 10/10

Holly: The best pancake in the world. Well done. Holly's Rating 10/10


4. Whole Wheat Fluffy Vegan Pancakes



Angela: I didn't have whole wheat flour so I just used plain white flour. Instead of eggs this time, almond milk was used and I was a little dubious. However, they were the most beautiful looking pancakes, easy to cook and I was pretty impressed with the taste and texture. Although I did add the extras; salt and cinnamon, I don't think there is any need and I wonder if they even need to the maple syrup added to them if you were going to add a sweetener as the topping. I'm definitely going to experiment further with these and perhaps see how they will work with a gluten-free flour option.  Angela's Rating 8/10

Jack: Lovely. Please can you make them again soon. Jack's Rating 10/10

Holly: Good but yucky.  Holly's Rating 8/10

More to follow shortly....