Have Your Cake...And Eat It Too!

Firstly let me share a little background with you.... My passion and interest in healthy food has grown over the last year. What's more, lots of people are becoming really interested in what I have to say and I love sharing the knowledge that I have gathered with others. I used to be a personal trainer that just focused on the benefits of exercise but then I realised there is so much more to it than that. What we eat and how we fuel our bodies is 80% of the problem.

I love discovering new healthy-eating ideas but ultimately I am just a girl who loves cake. However, I know how bad cake is for me and if I ever want to beat that muffin top (which is getting much more stubborn as I approach 40) then cake has to go.

But what if you can have your cake...and eat it too?!!

Therefore, I am on a quest to seek out recipes and food items that satisfy the sugar-craved girl in me. The first recipe that I am going to share with you is a gluten-free banana bread. Now don't get me wrong, it's no chocolate fudge cake, but it does a job and it is 100% guilt free. It's also really easy to make. What's not to like?



My first attempt at making the banana bread was a complete disaster. I don't know where my head was that day. I had patiently waited all week for the four bananas to ripen on the windowsill and I was really looking forward to making my bread. I made the mixture, put it in the oven, and after 40 minutes it look pretty good, albeit a little  sunken in the middle, but overall not too bad.

Then I took it out of the tin. Oh dear, what a disaster! A big mushy mess that was a little overdone on the outside. What had I done wrong? It was then that I realised that I had failed to add the ground almonds...doh!

So it was then back to the waiting game, for another 4 bananas to ripen. Anyway, second attempt was much more successful.

Successful enough to be able to try it out on my Buggy Workout girls at our monthly coffee meet up. They liked it, I think, they ate most of it so they were being awfully polite if they didn't. Even baby Alyssa was pretty impressed. A healthy but nice treat to satisfy a sweet tooth, and it was very moist.

We tried it with butter but it really didn't need it. For me, I feel it may be a little too moist and had a slightly strange texture. I used peanut butter in the bread but I would like to experiment with it, maybe adding cashew butter instead. This is slightly sweeter than peanut butter so I think I will alter the taste. I also felt that I added too much salt. The recipe said a pinch, maybe my pinch was too big, who knows. The peanut butter had salt in it so maybe it didn't need any extra salt.


We polished off half the loaf with coffee this morning but I have frozen the other half in slices to see how that goes. That way I can just get out a slice as required rather than trying to eat it all up at once.

If you fancy giving it a go then you can find the recipe here...