10 Days No Sugar Challenge - The Rules

Quit sugar for 10 days and I promise you will have more energy, it will kick-start weight loss, you will have better quality sleep, glowing skin, no cravings, a clearer head and better moods.

Cut out any food that has added sugar from your diet – read the label on everything you eat, things that you wouldn’t think contain sugar often do, such as pasta sauces, sweetcorn, tinned beans, yoghurts, breads and even juices.

Do not eat any of the following during the 10 days - fresh and dried fruit and fruit juice, muesli and muesli bars, jam (even if it says no added sugar), condiments containing sugar (particularly tomato and barbecue sauces, and balsamic vinegar), flavoured yoghurts, honey, agave, palm and coconut sugar, chocolate, soft drinks.

Avoid "white" carbohydrates - replace white/refined carbohydrates with complex carbs. For example, wholegrain brown rice for basmati rice; quinoa for cous cous; sweet potato for white potatoes.

Avoid alcohol – most alcohol is incredibly high in sugar. It affects blood sugar levels so much that you’ll still be craving sweet things for the entire next day. It's only 10 days!

Eat every two and half to three hours - even if it’s only something small and even if you aren’t especially hungry.

Eat breakfast – never skip breakfast, you can have any protein with any complex carbohydrate you want. (Ideal breakfasts include – eggs with rye bread / porridge oats with chopped nuts and dollop of natural yoghurt / avocado, smoked salmon and oat cakes)

Drink a minimum of 2 litres of plain, fresh water everyday - this helps clear toxins from your body, keeping you well hydrated, and your body running smoothly. It will also help with the inevitable sugar-deprivation headache!

Get plenty of sleep - lack of sleep means lack of energy and therefore an increase of cravings, particularly sugar ones to boost your energy. Getting plenty of sleep gives you half a chance of surviving the challenge.