10 Day No Sugar Challenge - Eat More Fat

You what? Did I hear you right? Are you kidding me? Not at all! Once you stop eating sugar, the best thing you can do is replace it with fat and some protein. Unprocessed fats and quality protein of course such as, eggs, cheese, nuts and coconuts.

There are two reasons for this...

1) Fat takes care of the craving for a 'treat' - which is part of the sugar addiction. If you replace your afternoon sweet treat for a fatty, protein-rich food you won't feel like you are denying yourself.

2) Fat and protein fill you up. They curb the cravings. Fat, proteins and carbs have corresponding appetite hormones that act as messengers to the brain to control your appetite. YOU DON'T GET FAT FROM EATING FAT AND PROTEIN, our bodies ensure this. We get full.

Some examples of good fats - coconut oil, organic butter, olive oil, walnut oil, animal fat and full fat dairy.

Fat activates your metabolism by synthesising several important vitamins, including Vitamin D. Eating (good) fat can help you lose weight...FACT!