10 Day No Sugar Challenge - Do You Need Sugar?

Sugar comes in many forms. There are naturally occurring sugars such as those found in fruit (fructose), milk (lactose) and table sugar (glucose and fructose). Much sugar is added in food processing and hidden in products ranging from tomato sauce to pizza bases. The important message that I want you to remember is that glucose is necessary for our health and all of the cells in our body need it to function, but too much will increase the risk of several diseases, so we need to find the balance.

The body is designed to metabolise only a small amount of fructose a day, equivalent to two small pieces of fruit. But in the last 20 years, sugar consumption has risen to more than a kilo of sugar per week.

The British Dietetic Association recommends a limit of 50g or 12 teaspoons of sugar a day, although more recently the World Health Organisation advised this figure should be lower following reviews of the scientific evidence of a link with obesity.