#ACTIVEWEAR February 2018

February is the month of love so this month I bring you lots of pink and cute prints and some ideas you might want to pass on as a hint for V-day next week.

This is what I'm loving this month!

Angela x

(Affiliate Links Disclosure: Some product links on this page are affiliate links. This means that if you were to click on a link that is an affiliate link, and/or purchase an item after clicking on that link, I may receive a percentage of the sales price. I only recommend products that I love and use often. Thank you for your support!)

This month I'm featuring the fabulous Lucy Locket Loves. When Lucy started the brand, she was a fitness instructor just like myself so knew all about the importance of great activewear for her clients. A big part of feeling good is looking good. If you love the bright coloured leggings then this is the shop for you.

In keeping with the LOVE theme, if you're brave enough, check out these fabulous Sweetie leggings. Personally I'm not so confident of my legs so I prefer something a little more toned down such as these Dark Watercolour Leggings. Although I am a fan of the Mandela Leggings, perhaps for a yoga class, and I'm avidly waiting for them to come back into stock in March.


As well as lots of fabulous slogan vests, tees, hoodies, bags, Lucy does a great range of buffs. If you do a lot of running or workout outdoors like my clients do, then a buff is an essential item of clothing. A buff is multi-function headwear and can be worn in many different ways. I wear mine as a scarf but they can be worn as a hat or a headband. I love the Diamond buff because it totally matches my yoga mat!


If you love Lucy's stuff as much as I do, all new signups to the Hope Fitness mailing list this month will receive a 20% discount code. Sign up here...

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I recently discovered Blossom Yoga Wear, very affordable, wear all day long, fashionable clothing. More super leggings, great if you like flamingos and flowers on your butt, but also some lovely variations on the standard black. However, the product that caught my eye was this "Kiss My Asana" Slogan Vest top! And you can currently get 25% off anything PINK until 14th February using code LOVE25.


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In my activewear quest, I've generally been uninspired by the supermarkets and high street this month. It seems their focus is more on lingerie. My view is that if you look good in your activewear then you're going to be super motivated to go and workout and then you will look great in or out of your underwear!!

So what about sports lingerie?? A good sports bra is an essential piece of activewear, and if like me you tend to tone down the colour of your leggings then why not brighten yourself up with a colourful sports bra. 

As well as Sweaty Betty, my other go to shop for sports bras is Active In Style. I love this shop and they have a vast range of EVERYTHING. They have a huge range of sports bras; plain, patterned, padded, non-padded, high impact, low impact, different straps and styles.

If you're looking for something a bit sexier then how about this Lorna Jane Siren Sports bra in cupid red. I love this and it would look great under a plain loose-fitting tank for indoor workouts. I also love the Lorna Jane Charm Sports bra in a floral print, something to brighten your day as we head towards the spring. Pretty and offers maximum support.


And finally, I couldn't possibly let the month go by without mentioning at least ONE Sweaty Betty product. I absolutely LOVE these reversible yoga leggings with a jelly fish print, it was love at first sight for me. They have a dark background which makes them a safer option for a larger-bottomed girl like myself and when not feeling so confident you have the standard plain black on the inside to see you through. Yes, Sweaty Betty are one of the more expensive brands but I can highly recommend all of their products for quality and general fabulousness!

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